Degu Shelf

Fun, chewable platform to enrich your small pets cage environment.
Designed specifically with degus in mind these easy to attach shelf accessory are hand-made from degu-safe materials and provide hours of fun for your inquisitive pets and a safe, comfortable place for your Degu to perch. 
Our Degus love these platforms and settle on them in preference to the standard wooden or metal shelves. The shelves are held securely in place with a bolt, which fits almost all cages by a wingnut and washer on the outside of the cage and they can be placed anywhere in the cage unlike some platforms. 

Your pets will love to run, climb and sleep on these platforms which can be attached to the side of the cage to provide a run for your Degus and an extra level in the cage. 
Also, we sell shelves without the bolt so you can replace the shelves when it becomes worn or dirty for less cost than having to buy another bolt - only £2.69 per refill (free P & P).

Specification of the platforms.

Dimensions: 110mm Wide x 110mm long x 20mm deep
Materials: 100% recycled cardboard
                  100% natural Jute Cloth
                  100% non-toxic glue
                  100% Bio Degradable (just platform)
                  100% Degu Chewable (apart from bolt)
                  Zinc plated bolt / washer / wingnut
                  Easy to fix in the cage.
                  Totally Degu safe and friendly

Your Degus will love these chewable shelves and will love you for buying them.

We do not recommend these products for Chinchillas

(Although we are degu biased they are also ideal for other small pets :- hamsters, gerbils, mice and especially rats).

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